Table stories 3daysofdesign kick-off event

As the annual Copenhagen design festival 3daysofdesign approaches, we look back at the Kickoff Exhibitor Event from earlier this year, featuring a performance dinner curated by Tableau

DARE TO DREAM: table setting

The theme for this year’s design week is ‘Dare to Dream’, which encapsulates the dining experience from the kickoff exhibitor event very accurately. Dreamy, experimental and engaging all throughout.

The Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary studio and concept store Tableau was chosen to curate the performance dinner, producing the scenography together with designer and cook Micheline Nahra.

The Grand Prix cutlery in polished steel was handpicked for the table setting alongside other carefully selected Danish tableware designs.

Throughout the five courses of shared dishes, Grand Prix dinner fork, – dinner knife, – large dessert spoon, – jam spoon, – salad set and – cake server were used.

3daysofdesign – PERFORMANCE DINNER

In line with the theme of the design week, the dinner was characterized by an innovative setting and interactive experience to be shared between the 200 guests.

The evening’s five courses were each brought in on large textile-wrapped trolleys by performers. They placed the food on the tables for the guests to share, or hung it on hooks suspended from the ceiling above each table, which also enabled the guests to pass the food around.

Lavishly large table cloths in a fresh pink colour covered the organically shaped dining tables, creating a lively and dynamic setting. Similarly, the shiny and reflective Grand Prix cutlery pieces in polished steel interacted with their environment simultaneously as they introduced a minimalistic and calm expression and functionality to the table.